Monday, January 30, 2012

The Da Vinshi Code

Sophie and Longdon lifted their gaze and followed Fache's outstretched finger. There on
the floor creating a stark island of white light lay the body of the curator wearing
only his shorts. His arms and legs were sprawled outward in a wide spread eagle, like
those of a child making a snow angel.On his abdomen someone had drawn five
straight lines that intersected to form a five pointed star. In red.
Sophie: What does that mean? The pentacle?
Longdon: No, it's primarily the symbol that kids use to create with rubber bands, not sure why he
was drawing it.
We did get a couple of rubber bands along with a box of champagne and cheese burgers
from the other room. Someone must have sent him those.
Why would someone send him rubber bands?
Fache: (thinks) what an idiot!
He must have had a hell of a supper. Was it McDonald's?
(mumbles) tasted like that ...

They walk around the room investigating and finds a black light pen lying nearby.
This pen is not working. Why would he carry a pen that is not working?
Sophie: It smells good though.
Look at his posture. I was wondering why is he lying like that?
He could've been stretching out ...
Longdon: (thinks) What an idiot!

Suddenly the lights went out in the room and on the floor it was written in glowing ink:

O' lame draconian devlin ...
Hello, What's this? mmh... I think it is a phone number for emergency blackouts ... clever
(thinks) what an idiot!
(exclaims loudly) I get it! ... the paintings ... he had his last supper yesterday ... and this
must be the Vitruvian man ... so the numbers must be the Fibonacci series ... then the
writing must be an anagram.
(sitting up) then I musht be the American preshident ...
Fache: What the .. ??
Uh, can someone bring me mor shhampagne??? Idiotsh won't lemme sleep peashfully!
Oh what do I do?? ... I losht the lottery ... I'll shoot that Devlin...

He gets up and walks into the next room ...
Sophie: Lottery? .. so that was the numbers.

Langdon looks away ...
Devlin musht be ... sorry, MUST be the seller.
(from the other room) Whooo aite my cheesh burgers? And who drew this on my
shtomach? Wat's thish ... tumato shaushe?

Fache looks upwards ...
ehhem ...
Okay! I admit it ... I badly needed a case. I thought he was lying dead!

Sophie: (calls out) Why were you lying like Da Vinci's Vitruvian man?

Curator: Oui .. Vittru what? I wash lying in the beash lasht noight and making a shnow angelll in
the shand! I alwaysh like them shnow angelshh ... do u like them? Ohhh! I love shnoww
angelshhh ...
All 3 of them: (thinks) Wott an idiot!

The End.

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