Friday, March 9, 2012

(Need for) Speed?

Zack has been told by the bomber that there's a bomb in the bus and if the bus goes below
50 it'll explode. He's in a car running alongside the bus trying to get in.
Zack: L.A.P.D - Open the bus!
Driver: As if I would ...
Zack: L.A.P.D - Please open the bus!
Driver: @#$#$ Get lost!
Zack: Open up or I'll blow the bus in to pieces! (and thinks): "lol .... how ironic would that be?"
Driver: Okay okay! get in!

Zack dives in. The car driver breathes free.
Zack: I'm Zack. There's a bomb in the bus. Nobody shall panic. Just stay above 50.

Driver jumps out of the bus straightaway: "I'm outta here!"
Passenger: Shoot the hostage!

Zack nails the driver down with a bullet: "I said nobody shall panic. Okay who else want 
to try that?"

Anne who was sitting in the front seat looks at the driving wheel with a gleaming eye.
Anne: Please ... please ... let me drive the bus ...
Zack: Go ahead lady. Just make sure that you stay above 50 no matter what.
Anne: (taking the driver's seat) Yeah ... let's rock!

Speedometer ticks ... 52, 51, 50.5 ... (tense music) ... 53, 55, 60, 70, 80, 90 ...

Everybody holds on to their seats. Zack is swaying to and fro in the bus.
Zack: Will you slow down?
Anne: I'm staying above 50 no matter what you say!
Zack: (thinks) Where did she come from?
Anne: (in racing mode) Move out of the way you filthy subjects ... Queen Anne is on her way!

Zack sighs ...
Bomber: (calls Zack) Let's play jack. Do anything funny and I have the remote with me to take you
all down. And you better tell that girl to slow down.
Zack: (to the passengers) He's watching us but probably can't hear us. Everybody stay calm!
I need to think.

He looks for the bomb and finds it underneath a panel.
Passenger: Any ideas? Can't we simply remove the floor panel completely with the bomb in it? 
(whispers) "At least can we kick her out?"
Zack: No. Removing the floor panel would be too easy. I'll get in touch with the cops and then
I'll get a roller skate and lie flat on it then slide underneath the bus and try to dismantle
the bomb hanging on one hand!
Passenger: (thinks) "Okay, that's a true nutter"

Soon officer McMahon and his troops join the bus in their own vehicles alongside with
skateboard and ropes in their hands.

Meanwhile on TV:
Reporter: 3 men feared dead and 15 people injured as a bus carrying 10 passengers runs havoc
in the city. The bus is speeding on like a mad dog and hitting everything in its way.
The driver identified as Anne is known to be on her way back home after 12 month
medication for panic disorder and unstable mind.

Back in the bus...
Anne: Yippee ...and there goes the traffic guard into the manhole! That's a slamdunk!
Bomber: (in phone) I'm going to watch a baseball game Zack, your new driver is doing the job for me.

Zack gets an idea. He calls out to McMahon
Zack: Guys, feed him highlights of any classic baseball game - intercept his TV signal. Play it over
and over and we'll get some valuable time.
McMahon: I'm on it. Consider that done!

Zack jumps into their vehicle. They get in front of the bus and prepares the skate board.
Jack lies flat on it and slowly goes underneath the bus. Everyone is tensed.
McMahon: (looking at a map in hand): Officer? there's no bridge ahead??? This map says there's
a bridge!
Officer: Hey, that ain't no map. It's the plan for the bridge. Where did ya get that?

Meanwhile the Bomber is watching an old game highlights unknowingly: "Oh! that was 
a close game ..."

Back in the bus:
Anne: Zack??? What are u doing underneath? I see a large gap ahead.
Zack: (from below) What do u think I'm doing here?

Suddenly the bus hits a divider on the side and jolts ...
Anne: Oh god! Did I run him over? Did I hit him? Did I????
Passenger: (looks through the rear window) No, he's safe.
Anne: My bad. May be I'll get him next time...
Bomber: (at home watching the same game again) "Oh lord! that too was a close game. 
This is interesting."

Back in the bus:
Passenger: Hey Zack ... What to do with the gap?
Zack: (from below) Jump over the gap!
Anne: Are you crazy? We can always take the other route.
Zack: Jump over ... I need some light down here! Can't even see the dial!
Anne: Well, okay ...everybody hold on!
Passengers: (thinks together) "OMG! Who let these idiots take over?"

The bus races up the slope and jumps over the gap ... everyone's relieved.
Anne: We did it ... Zack? Zaackk??

(No voice from below)
Passenger: Thank god. I think we lost him. Stay above 50!
Anne: That's sad. I was planning to run him down in style. :(

A few minutes later Zack is seen running towards the bus again. He dives in again into that
speeding bus.
Passengers: (thinks) "Not again!"
Anne: How did you get back here?
Zack: Took the subway. Back at the gap I fell on top of a train
Anne: Cool! Now what? (with a gleam) Are you going down again??
Zack: No. Take the road to the Airport. We'll refill the bus and go in circles.

Meanwhile ..
Bomber: (watching it for the fourth time): "I can't believe it. They lost it again."

... 4 hours later ...
Reporter: The bus after destroying 2 more air crafts is still circling in the airport. Authorities have
decided to bring in the S.W.A.T team to take down the bus.

Zack in the bus is fed up and running out of ideas. He calls the bomber.
Zack: You there?
Bomber: (wiping his forehead) "Man! that was close again!"
Zack: I give up. I'm sorry, but u were watching the same game for the last 4 hours.
Bomber: Yup. I knew that. I was watching to see if they'll ever learn from losing. Dumb fellas.
Anyway, let me get back to you - let's turn off the TV, Shall we?

"Why the HELL is this remote not working ???"

A small puff is heard from the other end of the phone.
Bomber: Zack u there?? Zaackk??

The End.

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